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This is the home of a large collection of photos of La Salle Academy, formerly located on Second Street and Second Avenue in New York City. They document a period roughly from 1968 to 1973. I extend belated thanks to the La Salle students who helped in shooting the thousands of frames making up this collection -- Marc Neal, Mike Hazard, Andres Valdespino, Louis Gomez, Jose Ballester, Dennis Doherty, Willie Mason and others whose names my enfeebled brain is no longer able to recall. Photos from the La Salle Academy collection are being added regularly. Please leave comments -- I live for comments! If you leave your e-mail address in the comments, I'll get back to you.

The photo above shows myself when young. It was taken during the 1968-69 academic year.

One of the features of this website is the ability to download full-size images. You can also order prints -- look for where it says "Buy" above the image. Prints are offered at cost, of course -- I don't make any money doing this, nor do I want to. In fact, I squander my substance on cameras (nine digital cameras so far), film-scanners, and imaging software. But that's what I like to do. Incidentally, for really cheap prints, download the original full-size photos and upload them to one of the web print services for printing, like Adoramapix or PhotoDirect.

In addition to the La Salle photographs, I'm posting others of possible interest to friends and associates (family, Ridgewood, New York City, etc.).

I can be contacted at "pcullinan", followed by an at-sign, followed by "verizon.net". I can be reached by phone at 718-366-4873 or 347-263-6294 (cell).

Live Jesus in our Hearts! Forever!

Pat Cullinan, Jr.

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Most recent changes and additions:

Jahn's Ice Cream Establishment.
I corrected the out-of-camera images, greatly improving the quality. This is the now shuttered Jahn's of Richmond Hill.
La Salle Academy Reunion and Hall of Fame Induction, May 6, 2011, 6th Street. NOTE 7/5/11. I've just finished correcting ALL the photos! 515 images!
50th Anniversary of the Class of 1960, Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School Of course, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I signed Charlie Bernet's yearbook at the reunion, since I had somehow omitted to sign it 50 years ago -- best of luck after graduation, Charlie! Note -- most of the photos are as yet UNCORRECTED. Of these, I will be using Photoshop to adjust the color, brightness, cropping, etc. The process will take several weeks. Or months.
50th Anniversary of Msgr. Kelly's ordination, St. Brigid's Church The church in Ridgewood, Brooklyn was greatly blessed by the sacrificial duty of its long-time servus servorum Dei.
Niederstein's Restaurant -- last day Feb. 5, 2005 The famous restaurant in Middle Village, Queens, shuts its doors for good after 150 years of continuous operation in order to make way for Arby's.
Alumni Reunion of St Brigid's School, April 18, 2010

Documentary record of LSA building June 23 2010
Over six hundred photos. This is the last you'll be seeing of the good old school.
La Salle Reunion of June 4, 2010 in the Gym.
I've finished correcting the images, so jump in and enjoy.
Reunion of La Salle Academy's Class of 1975 Sept. 26, 2009. The photos have now been corrected and finished with Photoshop! Enjoy the difference! UPDATE -- the captions are now finished!
Picnic at the La Salle Military Academy, Oakdale, L.I., July 1985.
Clinton Avenue and Clinton Hill, Aug. 1, 2009. See historic masterpieces of turn-of-the-century residential architecture environing Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School.
The Yellow 1959 Dodge in the Stop and Shop parking lot, July 24, 2009. This baby is in pristine condition. You'll gape in wonderment.
Visiting Eisenberg's Sandwiches Aug. 3, 2009, with Vinnie. The legendary diner on Fifth Avenue and 22nd Street dates back to 1929 and is redolent of tradition.
Bishop Loughlin H.S., Clinton Hill mansions, environs. April 6, 2005. The mansions on Clinton Avenue stand out in full relief thanks to the still winter-bare trees.
Vanderbilt Avenue and the environs of the Bishop Loughlin H.S. 50 years on, July 4, 2009 A sunny Saturday July Fourth morning, complete with fluffy clouds.
Immaculate Conception Church, the Bronx Hub, April 1973 Added black-and-whites to this gallery. Uploaded 7/11/09.
147th St, 148th St, El Platform, the Bronx Hub, April 1973, BW New Gallery. Black-and-whites shot around the famed Bronx Hub. Uploaded 7/11/09.
November or December, 1969 -- La Salle vs Prep at home. Corrected the images with Photoshop -- first pass. Second pass to come.
Bat Day at Yankee Stadium, June, 1987.
La Salle meets Earth Day, April 22, 1970. Featuring Marc Neal, John Krowicki, Mike Hazard, Sal Iraci, Andres Valdespino, Joe Tomazic, Reilly Dundon. Corrected the color of the scans. Feb. 25, 2009.
La Salle, March 1969 -- featuring Mr. Joe Moylan, Mike Boitano, Bro. Gus Fitzgerald Corrected the color of the scans. Feb. 23, 2009.
La Salle, April, 1972 -- featuring Mr. George Mack and Mr. Bill Stickney. Corrected the color of the scans. Feb. 23, 2009.
Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Herb Garden, Lily Ponds, Conservatories - Sept. 14, 2008.
Karl Ehmer Pork Store, September 2, 2008. The famous landmark German meats and wurst heaven in Ridgewood, Brooklyn, NY.
Katz's, September 18, 2007, featuring Ritchie the Waiter Tons of hi-rez photos, including 180-degree panoramas, of the famous Delicatessen on Houston Street, NY.
Picnic at Barrytown, 1973. Upgrade -- the quality of the photos in this album has been improved with Photoshop. Posted 2/13/08.
Card Party in the La Salle Gym, April 9, 1989. Featuring Mrs. Cullinan and Mrs. Ann Hearn. Includes shots of Second Avenue. Posted 2/10/08.
Bill Sinteff Featuring Bill at AMBAC Indemnity in the 1980's. The BDM folks are also represented. Posted 12/25/07.

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